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18 April 2010 @ 09:25 pm
challenge #34  

For this challenge the entirety of your graphic must be in the darker half of the colour spectrum (i.e. within this red square) There are no restrictions on how you reach that final product, just so long as each and every pixel is within that darker half.

You may submit one entry in each medium (icon, wallpaper, layout, etc) by Saturday 29th May. A set of textures or brushes can be considered one entry as long as it's obvious that they are a set (e.g. paint themed or sky themed)

Remember to enter your submission as a new post to the community and include your .psd (or alternate program equivalent). Also remember to tag your entries with your username, the kind of graphic you've made and 'challenge 34'.

Also don't forget you've still got two weeks left for challenge #32: contrast and four weeks left for challenge #33: balance