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challenge #49


For this challenge you must make a series of graphics that go together as a whole. The set must be a minimum of three images and they must contain multiple recurring elements (the same colour(s), the same concept, the same composition, etc) to make it automatically evident that they come together as a set. You are allowed to combine multiple kinds of graphic within the set (i.e. wallpapers, icons, textures, etc) but it's not required.
This is a good opportunity to create a larger story than one graphic alone can make and also to encourage you to be critically aware of your graphics and what makes them feel the way they do.

You may submit one entry by Saturday 10th March

Remember to enter your submission as a new post to the community and include your .psd (or alternate program equivalent). Also to tag your entries with your username, the kind of graphic(s) you've made and 'challenge 49: series'.

Also don't forget you've got one week left for challenge #47: review and four weeks left for challenge #48: monster
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