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03 March 2009 @ 04:04 pm
FAQ/Hall of Fame  
challenge #01: curve - letsey_x
challenge #02: animate - mashimero
challenge #03: text - mashimero (2)
challenge #04: erase - sheepy_hollow
challenge #05: create - blueymcphluey
challenge #06: collaborate - six_two_four and frodolyn
challenge #07: roygbiv - schmiss
challenge #08: dodge - blueymcphluey (2)
challenge #09: texture - brokendartist
challenge #10: re-test - nargynargy
challenge #11: duplicate - nargynargy (2)
challenge #12: design - nowordforit
challenge #13: paint - nowordforit (2)
challenge #14: segment - jam_min
challenge #15: integrate - realdetective
challenge #16: opacity - blueymcphluey (3)
challenge #17: gradient - xeyra
challenge #18: typical - nargynargy (3)
challenge #19: colourization - motorized
challenge #20: re-make - motorized (2)
challenge #21: hard - jam_min (2)
challenge #22: path - motorized (3)
challenge #23: yellow - motorized (4)
challenge #24: brush - piracy
challenge #25: corel - blueymcphluey (4)
challenge #26: channel - schmiss (2)
challenge #27: saturate - motorized (5)
challenge #28: seven - schmiss (3)
challenge #29: raster - motorized (6)
challenge #30: re-animate - blueymcphluey (5)
challenge #31: rgb - mossharts
challenge #32: contrast - merlinburgh
challenge #33: balance -
challenge #34: dark -
challenge #35: blue -

The community rules and description can be found here

Q: Is it too late to join in?
A: It's never too late! Anybody can join at any time and play along with any of the current challenges :D

Q: Can I submit before the deadline is up?</b>
A: You have to submit before the deadline is up. Just post your entry as a new post to the community whenever you're ready and make sure you check the challenge requirements before posting.

Q: Can it be big size like 800x600 or something?
A: It can be absolutely any size you want. Your submission can be 10x10px or it can be 1000x1000px just so long as it fits with the challenge requirements

Q: What kinds of graphics am I allowed to make?
A: I made a list here :)

Q: Am I allowed to submit something I made that would be applicable for an ended challenge?
A: Yes, so long as you submit an entry for one of the currently running challenges in the same post

Q: Am I allowed to submit something I made a long time ago that fits a currently running challenge?
A: Yes, so long as your entry was made by you and it abides by the challenge rules it doesn't matter when or for what purpose it was originally made

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask as a reply to this post :)
alisea_dream: { tv }  »  vm  »  logan+weevilalisea_dream on December 26th, 2009 12:20 pm (UTC)
I got a question: I was wondering if, since I use Photofiltre I haven't such thing as psd, still can I post entries on this community?
Because I'm not very sure if it's allowed to only post the picture.

Thank you! ;)
Joshblueymcphluey on December 26th, 2009 12:26 pm (UTC)
can photofiltre make a file with all of the layers separate/in tact? Because that's what I really need to be able to see and I could just download photofiltre if needed

If not, there are still some challenges that don't require for me to see the layers. Yellow, for example only requires for me to see the final product and see that it's yellow. Brush only requires that the final product is black and white on a white background and then Corel requires you to use a different program anyway, so you're all set for the current three challenges :P
alisea_dream: { tv }  »  lots  »  khalanalisea_dream on December 26th, 2009 12:31 pm (UTC)
That's the problem, I cannot make that kind of file with Photofiltre. I was thinking that for challenge like the yellow one, that wouldn't be a problem if there's not such file as psd.
Well, thank you a lot for your answer! :)