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theskilltester's Journal

the skill tester
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This graphics challenge community is not about restricting which fandom/subject you make a graphic of, but rather how you make it. theskilltester is here to encourage people to try different photoshop tools and grow technically as a graphics maker. We want to inspire you graphically because often just mixing up the tools you use makes a world of difference. Some examples of challenges could be that you're only allowed to use curve layers, or that your final product must be animated or that you can only have a maximum of five layers. Due to the nature of the community, most entries will require you to include the .psd (preferably uploaded to megaupload)

Each challenge will last for 3 weeks, but also a new challenge will be given each week. This means that after the first two challenges there will always be three running at any given time, this way you have more time to prepare your entries. Also should your muse choose to be particularly inspirational you could do three challenges all at once. Or perhaps if you are used to your standard challenge contest schedule you could just make your entries in the week that you're given them, but if you forget to enter during that week you've still got a two week buffer :D

But don't worry, you'll be routinely reminded of each challenge and how long you have left to enter so there's a slim chance that you'll lose track of them. Also each entry will be tagged with both the name of the person who made it and the challenge number(s) so that can be used to navigate the challenges.

Challenge submissions aren't restricted as to which style of graphic you want to make, just as long as your entry meets the individual challenge restrictions. For example if the challenge said that you had to make 8 challenge submissions you could make one icon, one wallpaper, one signature, one header, one layout, one texture, one brush and one pattern or perhaps just 7 icons and a brush, it's completely up to you.
At the end of the challenge if there is a majority of one kind of graphic (e.g. lots of icons and very little of anything else) then bonus points will be given to the people who have made graphics that aren't popular (e.g. if somebody was the only person to make a layout). The amount of bonus points given out is dependent on how many of each kind of graphic is made but basically if you make something uncommon you're going to get some bonus points as a reward.

Member of the Month is awarded when somebody wins first place in 5 (and then 10, 15, 20 etc) challenges. However for every time that person wins motm they get one point deducted from the voting every challenge after that (or two points if they've been motm twice, three if they've had it thrice, etc) so that way the same person doesn't win every challenge and it will encourage that talented/popular person to try even harder. However when somebody has won member of the month, for the month that follows their winning they may post anything in the community that they want.

Unless specified otherwise, entries need not be made specifically for the community. We're not going to be superstrict about that, but obviously it would benefit your growth as a graphics maker if they were.

Entries over 100x100px must be given a thumnail of 100x100 in order to keep the community neat and tidy.

In order to make the community to be more of a learning experience, if you ever want constructive criticism on your entry just make a note of it in your submission entry and I'm certain some of the many wise and helpful members of the community will be able to help you out :D

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here